If it’s for my Daughter I’d even Defeat a Demon Lord

If it’s for my Daughter I’d even Defeat a Demon Lord is an enjoyable excursion into a world of adventurers where top ranking adventurer Dale, becomes guardian to the recently orphaned Latina.

The series is set in the land of Laband which is settled by humans and demi-humans. Adjacent to Laband are lands such as Vassilios – ruled by the First Demon Lord and settled by demons (sometimes they are called devils)… then there’s the Third Demon Lord who is Demon Lord of the Sea. Demons differ from humans by being much better in magic. Magical beings / beasts can be dangerous to humans which is where adventurers come in.

Dale very quickly learns Latina is demon born but, taken in by her innocent helplessness, he quickly moves from being rescuer to becoming her guardian.

Dale is based in the city of Kreuz and so they head there to his lodgings at the inn, the Dancing Tabby Cat. In between excursions into how inn-life functions, Latina gets to grip with how human society works. The Dancing Tabby Cat is frequented by adventurers. Latina may seem too innocent to some but in remembering my youth, her lack of guile and the reactions of those about her feels right. Her disposition is endearing and the reaction of the adventurers to her rings true.

As the series progresses, hints are dropped that suggest a larger (and darker) story – we discover more of Dale’s background but despite some clues, Latina remains a mystery.. Just as there is conflict between humans and demons, there is internecine human conflict. It is plain to me that aspects of the larger story arc must revolve around this. The keen eyed will pick up the hints but I won’t spoil this for those who haven’t watched. Having watched up to episode 10 I am left in no doubt that the story tellers will not flinch if future episodes call for darker deeds to be portrayed and the later episodes leave no doubt of the ability to carry this off.

Most anime suffers from ‘next episode we must have a bigger and better disaster’ syndrome, this show isn’t one. It strays from familiar MMORPG gamer territory into ‘Hey this has a realistic feel’ and ‘Heroes with a human side… actually I like it’. Will suit those who prefer a softer, more human side to adventuring and its heroes.

Glitches: the translation could be tightened up e.g. Demon appears to be interchangeable with Devil. Episode titles could be snappier as there is a preponderance of ‘The Little Girl’ and ‘The Young Man’. This appears to be a stylistic trait but these are largely superfluous after the opening episode.

Rating: Worth watching – you may even need a handkerchief!

Availability: Crunchyroll – a subscription anime streaming service.

Language Japanese, English sub-titles

Style Anime

Originally published: as a Japanese Light Novel series,written by Chirolu and illustrations by Truffle + Kei. Available in English by J-Novel Club


AnimeNewsNetwork https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-05-17/if-its-for-my-daughter-id-even-defeat-a-demon-lord-anime-reveals-july-4-premiere-ending-theme-artist/.146827

Website for the show: http://uchinoko-anime.com/

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