My mother’s homeland was gobbled up by the Soviets and my father was a cobbler. As a young adult (ex-Burnley Grammar School) I read enough SF / Fantasy to sink a comic book shop. I read comic books too.

I’ve added a bit more about me below.

Terence was born in Skipton, one of six brothers. He grew up in a Stoneyholme, a notorious area of Burnley, having moved there at age six. His mother introduced him early to folk tales drawing from German-Estonian roots. This bloomed into an interest in Fantasy, which later expanded into Science Fiction. As a young adult he developed a passion for trying to understand the origins of the West and the impact of the Mongol eruption on civilisation which has led him to speculate on what might have been. He also has an interest in Classical Greek philosophy and Sufism.

Terence lives in and around Burnley, Lancashire, and has four children, three dogs and two cats.

Other interests: 60s and 70s Marvel & DC comics, Football, Photoshop.
Favoured genre writers: Michael Moorcock, Brian Aldiss, Philip K Dick, Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton, Brian Stableford and Roger Zelazny.

In a parallel life Terence is is CIMA qualified, has been involved in privatisations (the Property Services Agency), PFI (Wythenshawe and Hereford), and has worked in the Textiles, Utilities, Construction and Aerospace sectors. His strengths are process mapping, business modelling and costing systems and ‘rocket-science stuff’.

Rocket-science can mean many things, sometimes it can refer to the far out notions of TP’s imagination.