Welcome to my site. Previously my most popular blog post was: Best Philip K Dick Novel. Philip K Dick: what can one say about him? He was a fine writer; there was a sense of uncertainty surrounding what he would come up with next. Watching others pirouette around his work is somehow… predictable. I stopped collecting when the clowns at the top of the SF tree started to deify him.

My slow burner  Writing Theory: Aristotle and Plato’s Contribution, has worked its way back to the top. As part of understanding the process of writing I decided to go back in time to one of the first analytical works: Aristotle’s Poetics. I made notes. For my own convenience I stuck them on the net. Page hits told me I ought to dress them up for visitors as they were just notes.

The next slow burner is Quattro Pro (by Borland). Quattro came out back in the late 1980s, when PCs ran MS-DOS on an amazing 640kb of RAM. It was innovative and I became a power-user –I’m a spreadsheet Junkie. There are still folks curious about it so I cranked up my DOS version in DOSbox.

Further down the list is The Brun – Burnley Grammar School Yearbook. This post is of interest to those know the place I grew up: Burnley. I went to its grammar school. Some years down the line it was closed which caused local uproar as it was the best opportunity for local kids to get a leg up in life. I kept its yearbooks and went on to research, write and publish essays on Burnley and its grammar school.

About me: what you need to know

My mother’s homeland was gobbled up by the Soviets and my father was a cobbler. As a young adult (ex-Burnley Grammar School) I read enough SF / Fantasy to sink a comic book shop. I read comic books too.


A Guide to First Contact humanity faces extinction, dystopia, experimental non- linear*
The Tau Device space opera with humanity the bottom dog*
Lucky SF balanced with life in a northern (English) town*
Brant cynicism, chivalry and high fantasy
The Slow Holocaust four dystopian pieces
Unfinished Tales excursions into noir and historical fiction
Silt From Distant Lands time, space and imagery in free verse and rhyme
Burnley the town and its grammar school
The Turning Stone YA Fantasy with alternate Earth history

* also available on Kindle

Completed works

Under Winter’s Bough short fiction with a wintry theme
Dragon Shard space / horror fiction
Angel in my Heart dystopia, angels (but no religion)
Blue Belle medieval fantasy, alternate England + Faerie
Door Witch reverse engineered Japanese light novel… 🙂 , MMORPG, slice of life, shoujo, fantasy **

** to be illustrated

Working on
Men for the Stars – Ogallala Aquifer, Mexican Wall, London declares independence and a class 3 sign of aliens. Heinlein meets Ian Watson!

Facebook Main ID
Goodreads Terence Park
Goodreads alt TP Archie (alt ID)
Wix Terence Park Writer”
Live journal Read extracts from Door Witch

About me – the PR take

Terence was born in Skipton, one of six brothers. He grew up in a Stoneyholme, a notorious area of Burnley, having moved there at age six. His mother introduced him early to folk tales drawing from German-Estonian roots. This bloomed into an interest in Fantasy, which later expanded into Science Fiction. As a young adult he developed a passion for trying to understand the origins of the West and the impact of the Mongol eruption on civilisation which has led him to speculate on what might have been. He also has an interest in Classical Greek philosophy and Sufism.

Terence lives in and around Burnley, Lancashire, and has four children, three dogs and two cats.

Other interests: 60s and 70s Marvel & DC comics, Football, Photoshop.
Favoured genre writers: Michael Moorcock, Brian Aldiss, Philip K Dick, Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton, Brian Stableford and Roger Zelazny.

In a parallel life Terence is CIMA qualified, has been involved in the privatisation of Property Services Agency, the PFIs at Wythenshawe and Hereford, and has worked in the Textiles, Utilities, Construction and Aerospace sectors. His strengths are process mapping, business modelling and costing systems and ‘rocket-science modelling’.

His other interests include football, space, retro PC gaming and Photoshop editing. He enjoys the challenge of creating worlds and universes and has written a number of SF themed books.

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