The Silk Road and the Karakorum Highway

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While moving my office crap, I took a break to browse the New York Times. Being a wannabee word traveler, I was drawn to an article (Taking The High Road) about the Karakorum highway. This highway follows the Silk-Road (if history turns you off, switch-off now)  from Kashgar in  Xinjiang, over the Kunlun Mountains towards Pakistan.

In this article the author’s journey takes him to Tashkurgan; also in Xinjiang. The New York Times have put up a slide show on the sights and the peoples in Southern China.

Noticing mention of Tajiks, I took the opportunity to do some digging.


The term Tajik has been in use since the time of the Mongols. Before it became an ethnonym, it denoted the urban civil bureaucracy in an empire of Iranian speaking peoples, Khwarezm. Khwarezm is a the long forgotten realm that covered a geographical area stretching from present day Kazakhstan to Iran / Afghanistan. It had…

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