Back to the 80s

Last night I went back to school – again!
To explain, I’m the governor at local school Rhyddings. Now whatever we feel about the politics of education – and yep, it’s politicised – schools need to engage with the community. Rhyddings (where I am a governor) are making strides in that area. Last night they ran a musical show themed on Back to the 80s. The show flashbacks the 1980s schooldays of a now 30 something Corey, who’s remembering how he once had the hots for the girl next door. This is an excuse to redo a number of 80s hits which are delivered with gusto, the backing school band being on good form.
Our schools need our support and if you can turn up and sell out the last performance, how great that would be.

Dates 11th, 12th, 13th February 2019.
Tickets £3 (proceeds help fund the school)
Location: Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School
Haworth St, Oswaldtwistle, BB5 3EA

About Terence Park

Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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