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Status of Dark Fantasy Work: Erisse of the Illyany

Dark fantasy project, set partly in Xinjiang with dip into a realms of fantasy & horror. My inspirations for the Illyany are: The animist peoples North of the Gobi (pre-Mongol expansion) The valley of the river Ili which is the main … Continue reading

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Parish Council Fisticuffs

Fighting talk turns into action for parishioners in Briercliffe, or as the Daily Telegraph puts it: Parish council meeting descends into fist fight – over allotments Eeh, that takes me back. Having lived in that part of the world for nearly … Continue reading

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History – archive

I’m interested History. This covers the Origins of the West and the Collapse of the Old World Civilisations at Mongol hands. I’ve put up a static page linking to some of my posts on this. You can find this at https://tparchie.wordpress.com/history/

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What is Zaporozhian?

I was going to deal with this today but a number of pressing business issues came up leaving me with very little time. The answer to this question is more than just a question of history. Of necessity, I’m going … Continue reading

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Who were the Khwarezmians?

The answer to this lies in a comment of Kirakos Ganjaketsis in his History Of The Armenians; where he refers to Baghdad as a Tachik city. Tachik or Tajik means city dweller When the Mongols came for Baghdad, they sent … Continue reading

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The Silk Road and the Karakorum Highway

Originally posted on Harjazes:
While moving my office crap, I took a break to browse the New York Times. Being a wannabee word traveler, I was drawn to an article (Taking The High Road) about the Karakorum highway. This highway follows the Silk-Road (if history turns…

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