MMORPG themed stories.

A quick catch up. Work pulls me away of the social media world – no bad thing given the number of projects I have on the go. Currently I’m on with a couple of MMORPG influenced stories. These are:

At The Haunt
This story was written with Halloween in mind as Davy Dipskit, newbie Knight (level 1) goes on a Halloween themed blind date to The Haunt – the place where the vampires, werewolves and zombies all hang out. His date: Epheramie of the Dercevii (the headless people). It’s all on MMORPG: Darkness Falls, so Ephermie must surely be an NPC. So take it away Davy and Ephme!!

Door Witch
Akalito is a Magister of the 7th level on MMORPG: Earth Myth. He has had his house built in the wilds of Eald Widu… you do stuff like that to stop newbie Raids. It is called House Batezz. When he logs, Akalito returns to a life of bills, credit card debt and a zero-hour job. Yep, Earth Myth makes the the real life of Alan Bates worth living… just about.
Then Sivitya bursts into his life – literally.
So who’s Sivitiya? She’s the Door Witch hired to defend House Batezz when he’s not there. Just an NPC… everyone hires them. Except in defending House Batezz from a high level monster, she is unexpectedly propelled into the real world.
Akalito’s problems are just beginning. For a start, in the real world he’s just plain and simple Alan Bates – few skills, no powers and only a tatty bedsit. His credit cards are nearly maxed out and his Door Witch, Sivitya, has just burst into his life. Or has she? Could this just be a con by other players to wind him up?
My artist, Slothmeister, is hard at work generating appropriate Anime style illustrations, when her day job permits. One cannot live on art alone.

Theme / genre: MMORPG / hero / romance
Manga / anime genre: Shojo, Seinen, Josei,
Age range: Teen and older.
Due out: 2020

Other things.

I’m still working on Men for the Stars. This is a re-take on how we get to the stars. As a fan and reader of SF, many years ago, I always wanted more narrative on how we got from here (planet Earth) to out there (managing an interstellar civilisation). Men for the Stars dwells on the here and now: the Ogallala aquifer, reflections on the lot of the American Indian, the Mexican Wall, an independent London, and links these to a near future in which the Earth is contacted by aliens. It’s a personal project. I enjoy the process of working a story through to give it those little touches of authenticity. The hero in this case is an accidental hero: Johnny Burco. Name ring familiar? Well we take our influences from anywhere no matter how obscure.
Still a long way to go on this – currently detailing the impact of a riot following a bad tempered football (soccer) derby fixture between Watford and Luton.

ETA: sometime after Door Witch is complete.

Lancashire Authors have invited me to do a podcast. I will put the link up once it is done. Lancashire Authors are supportive of local dialect and they are also supportive of the very many gifted writers (present and past) so sadly ignored by London based literatii, and media. Hang your head in shame The Guardian for being ‘Captured by the Bubble’ – you lot dally with the enthusiams of the capital while normal people are once again ignored – that’s how it is.

ETA: unknown

Work things: we authors cannot survive on the meagre pickings of the traditional publisher route and the self-publishing model is very heavily gamed (Amazon, hang your head in shame) so the rent must be paid for by a day job.
That’s how it is.
For those with an interest in the business of finance, I’ve currently set up an Asset Validation project, I’ve a couple of papers to deliver on IFRS 9 (Financial Instruments) and IFRS 15 (Revenue from Contracts with Customers) plus I’m well-stuck into the gubbins (tech term for innards!) of analysis and reporting of Provisions.
When I go home at night I rub my hands in glee and declare “This is what I was made for!” Seriously this kind of stuff means finding the correct location for the required pov….. say somewhere beyond the Rings of Saturn.
Okay, ha-ha1 Just testing to see whether anyone was left awake.

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Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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