Plato’s Republic – The Prejudice against Philosophy…

Notes on Plato’s ‘Republic’ – The Prejudice Against Philosophy and the Corruption of the Philosophic Nature in Contemporary Society

Goes on to suggest the importance of ‘right nourishment’
association of
– weak characters with ‘little of consequence’
– strong charaters with significance – nb ‘right nourishment’
Suggests a form of teaching in herds (a crowded audience) thus supposing that is an impact of social gatherings
– alluding to the sophists he attributes the idea that they reinforce conventional thinking without discerning any moral position
This brings to mind the saying that ‘nothing is new’.
P292 – The Philosopher Ruler Not Impossible
Why do people enter philosophy –
inability to / lack of opportunity to engage in gross self indulgence.
An inner voice – how to make the delights of philosophy available to all
Audiences are used to ‘carefully matched phrases’
Note castigation of those who prosper by subtle tricks of argument, making points or striving for effect in law rooms – the perversity of the few which colours the lives of the many – your actions and motives colour you.
‘delete and clear again’ sounds like a purge to me
The ideal is desirable but why warn against the tendency to corruption if so?

Note: I’ve reposted my notes on Plato’s Republic:
The Republic p45
Philosopher Kings and Forms (p269 to the Corruption of Philosophy)
The Prejudice Against Philosophy p286
The Good as Ultimate Object of Knowledge p300
The Simile of the Sun p306
Moving onto the Cave p314

Here’s a note On Philosophy

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  1. tparchie says:

    This – as well as The Good as Ultimate Object – needs to be tightened up.


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