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Memories of Doris Lessing

While I was trawling my archives for notes I’d made on Sufism in Burnley (in vain so far), an unpolished, unpublished draft post on Doris Lessing came to my attention – I was conscious I hadn’t said all I wanted … Continue reading

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Women Writers of SF and Fantasy

At the very outset, Naomi Alderman in the Guardian makes the case for Mary Shelley and Margaret Atwood to be considered Science Fiction writers in  Dystopian dreams: how feminist science fiction predicted the future. Would Mary Shelley have recognised Science Fiction? … Continue reading

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What kind of detail do you consider when Creating a Fantasy World or an SF Universe?

It’s time for another go at this. What is world creation? For several months now I’ve been reading Juvaini’s The History of The World-Conqueror. This work is relatively unknown in the West and was written as an account of the … Continue reading

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This Site: About me + Self-published works

This site… is a casual, and sometimes, not so casual interest in the world and universe about us, us ourselves, history, current affairs, love, sex, and pretty much anything else that pops into my head. I’ve been writing as long … Continue reading

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Sex and Social Mores

Annemarie Chiarini was a victim of revenge porn. In this case a relationship blew up and her ex-partner threatened to publish private pictures of her on the net in a way that would identify her. He carried out his threat. … Continue reading

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Doris Lessing

A quick look around throws up the following: Born 22/10/1919, Kermanshah, Persia (now Iran) Died 17/11/2013, London, UK The Telegraph – Doris Lessing dies aged 94 New York Times – Doris Lessing, Novelist who won 2007 nobel is dead at … Continue reading

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