I do bits on history now and again and I’ve long been curious about the birth of the West. This is a header page for the areas I’m interested in:

  • Russia
  • Khwarezm
  • the Golden Age of Islam
  • the Silk Road
  • and of course the Roman Empire

As time goes by, I’ll links to stuff in my archive, and maybe add a map or too.

Turkey and the West

Turkic World - map of speakers

The Origins of the West (How do you start Writing?)

Asia geophysical - Mongol dominons, significant empires in darker red

What is Zaporozhian?

The Sultan of Ottoman Empire demanded the Zaporozhian Cossacks submit to him. Here they formulate their reply.

The Mongols and the West (In Case you weren’t paying attention in Class)

Classical civilisation just before the coming of the Mongols

Who were the Khwarezmians?

Baghdad 1258

The Silk Road and the Karakorum Highway

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