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Collections: vinyl records, comic books, paperbacks; I've plenty of them all. I also do spreadsheets.

An Office Life 1: Woven Labels

When I first started work I had a desk, numbers to crunch and occasional to a calculator which I used on my number crunching. I calculated loom efficiencies. To those not familiar with textiles, looms are machines designed to weave … Continue reading

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Being vegan

Fancy a garden for tea? After a few mouthfuls:

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Writers of the Future

The late L Ron Hubbard is famous for Scientology, Dianetics and being a Science Fiction writer, in that order. His legacy of the first two items is questionable however, as an SF devotee, he left behind a free to enter, … Continue reading

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Notes on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

Last night, after the South Manchester Writers Workshop (14/11/17), we headed to the Dog and Partridge and got to talking about our projects. The subject turned to speaking – the author I was in discussion with was developing a talk … Continue reading

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Check out free reads on Deviant Art

Put some free reads on Deviant Art. Here’s an up to date list. Lucky (SF / Space Opera – see below for details) The Human Hunters (SF / Military) Writing Day (Dystopia) Ice Made (Magic Realism) Fickleday- Visitors (Alternate Earth) … Continue reading

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CPD – Continuing Professional Development

Well I’ve finally come to the end of that, for a while at least. In a way it’s essential part of the condition – demonstrate adherence to the principle of maintaining your relevance in a changing world, and frequently, learning … Continue reading

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An Afternoon With 3 Authors

I go to too few book readings and I suspect this is as much to do with the weakness of the local writers’ grapevine as it is with ivory tower syndrome. It’s also more of a rarity in my neck … Continue reading

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Raymond Chandler and Science Fiction

I’ve always felt the influence Raymond Chandler. Unrelated to this, I’ve been aware for quite some time that SF has its detractors. Eighteen months back, I came across an article linking the two: WHEN RAYMOND CHANDLER MOCKED SCIENCE FICTION SJ … Continue reading

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List of Works

Here’s a list of works as of 18/10/17. These are mostly on Lulu Continue reading

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Burnley Literary Festival 2017

This year’s festival seemed a good deal bigger. Circumstances got in the way of attending all the events I’d have liked but you do what you can. Unlike last year’s blogathon (beginning here)  it’ll be just this post. Kate Field. … Continue reading

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