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Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.

First Review of The Turning Stone

YA Fantasy: Latest news on The Turning Stone: Arshaana’s Calling

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My First Newsletter

I’m starting my first newsletter. Sign up and earn a free download. Plus: you’ll be notified (monthly) on blog updates, book deals, free PDF downloads and news of upcoming titles, and you’ll also get a flavour of SF from Up North … Continue reading

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DC Comics: Mystery in Space and other SF

It’s exactly ten years since I started to write. My first novel reached first draft in between the 2008/09 Championship play-off finals (as a result of which Burnley FC were propelled into the Premier League) and the start of the … Continue reading

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New Species of Human – Homo Luzonensis

For the first chapter of my first novel I imagined the Earth 100,000 years ago. It’s rare for those pre-historic times to hit the news and be popularised but the recent announcement that there was evidence of diminutive sized humans … Continue reading

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Angel in my Heart – update

This is an update on my current writing projects. I am ready to pull the trigger on final edits to Angel in my Heart. This is the third of three upcoming titles which I will publish from June 2019 onwards. … Continue reading

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Review of ‘Moving Times’ by Phoenix Writers

Originally posted on Lesley Atherton – author:
‘Moving Times’ is a book put together to celebrate the decade-long existence of the Phoenix Writers group, from Horwich Lancashire, and the contributors should be highly proud of what they’ve achieved. ? The…

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Back to the 80s

Last night I went back to school – again! To explain, I’m the governor at local school Rhyddings. Now whatever we feel about the politics of education – and yep, it’s politicised – schools need to engage with the community. … Continue reading

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Dryads gets to draft

Dryads, the last of my Nymph collection, has finally got to draft stage at 33,000 words. For those with a fictional frame of mind, Dryads is set in a place not dissimilar to medieval England – it has a Soke, … Continue reading

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Burnley Literary Festival (2016) day 7 – Sufi Music

The following has been rewritten from fragments / reconstructed following some difficulties with a Windows 10 upgrade that deleted my profile nearly 2 years back. Rumi and The Wings of Love Be in the world but not of it, so … Continue reading

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The Rick Sanchez (& Morty) Review

If you haven’t watched Rick and Morty, what is it? A comic, adult themed, sometimes gross Science Fiction romp through space, time alternate realities and dimensions, peppered with the suburban frailties of Morty’s family. Morty is Rick’s grandson and the … Continue reading

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