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Collections: vinyl records, comic books, paperbacks; I've plenty of them all. I also do spreadsheets.

Billion Year Spree – further thoughts

Just finished The Neried. About myths, legends and homelessness; set in Blackpool. Just started Core. Set in the core of the Milky Way, in the Galactic Bar. Explores aliens —lots of aliens —sexuality and that kind of thing. ETA: unknown … Continue reading

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Billion Year Spree – a retrospective

When I start a new piece my first consideration is theme. If it’s not SF I generally launch straight into it, knowing it’ll be out of the way in a day or two. SF poses additional considerations, for example what, … Continue reading

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Back Catalogue

It’s time to go through stuff. I’ve shedloads, literally: comics, SF paperbacks, & Fantasy, Penguin Classics, PC Games (in their boxes) etc. This time it’s my back catalogue. When you go to writing groups you, almost invariably, get a writing … Continue reading

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I Hope the EU Fixes Itself

Don’t rejoice in Brexit failings. We remoaners must shape the future (says Zoe Williams in the Guardian) Zoe Williams Juncker is the compromise candidate propelled to to prominence. There is plenty unremarkable about him as well as some murky areas that … Continue reading

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The Last Library

Finally coming to the end of this. Back in December 2016 I expected it to max out at about 6k words; it’s now over 20k. Phew. It concerns a wannabe librarian, fallen angels, civilisation forced to live by the rules … Continue reading

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How real books have trumped ebooks

Has the Guardian identified a publishing revival? The Guardian | Books | 2017 | May | 14: How real books trumped ebooks This article has plenty of anecdote but is short on hard data. What do I expect? Units shifted, sales … Continue reading

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China’s Xi lays out $900bn Silk Road vision amid claims of empire-building

China lays claim to the world’s biggest project The Guardian | world | 2017 | may | 14 | China’s Xi lays out $900bn Silk Road vision amid claims of empire-building This could  fundamentally change the pattern of  world trade. There are big challenges … Continue reading

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Man Cannot Survive on Mobile Alone.

For Xmas my eldest bought me a smart mobile. I’d been struggling along on my ailing Nokia. It held battery charge great but internet connectivity was a chore. I didn’t bother. Other things being equal I was quite open to the … Continue reading

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World leaders congratulate Macron on victory as EU breathes sigh of relief

M Macron What is Macron’s remit: France or the EU? He’s President of France, has a lot to say about the EU, and as an elitist product of the French system, he’ll be imagining all he can do with his … Continue reading

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CWG 2015

I am currently working on the long delayed 2015 Anthology by CWG (exiles of My Telegraph). The anthology will contain 36 of their best stories taken from from their 2015 series competition. CWG are a net based writing group, their … Continue reading

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