Finally, Climate Change

I’m like a dog with a bone on this. The facts don’t change but the news is so new, it’s a joy.

The Independent, a staunch, liberal-left, money losing nag-extraordinaire in this sphere, reports on the glacier that may have knocked up the Titanic in That Sinking Feeling :
We know that from 2000 to 2010 this glacier alone increased sea level by about 1 millimetre.
Which is about 150 cubic kilometers. And just for good measure:
Massive Ice sheets melting at a rate of 300bn tonnes a year.

Ph-whoah. Heady stuff. Pass us the mead cos I’m gonna need it. So is there an inexhaustible supply of this ice?

Yes. It forms as if by magic in the mysterious centre of Greenland. If it isn’t stopped soon, there will be too much water and we’ll all die, because, as we all know 

Climate change could make Greenland green by 2100.

But wasn’t Greenland green in the past, and hence the name?
Yes, but that was different; that was an ancient, positively pre-historic green; this is climate change green, which as we all know is new, deadly and impossible to deal with unless you stop believing everything else and convert.
Er cool
Have another mead, might as well drink up if we’re all gonna die… I mean drown.

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