Other Projects

[updated 18/02/2014]

A Guide to First Contact (part of the Mandat Culturel project) is complete. Other works in progress include:

  • Lucky
  • Joe (and the xenophids)
  • The Adventures of Matter Grabba
  • Brant, a Fantasy
  • Asimov3
  • Alibi
  • Without Doubt
  • Harjazes

Lucky. She calls herself that because she’s lucky to even exist. Her race was destroyed long ago in an interstellar war. Tired of always being on the run, she decides to hide on a back-water planet. She’s humanoid enough; the planet’s called the Earth.

In Joe, the human race are at the mercy of a xenocidal race – half ant, half praying mantis and at least 10 foot tall.

The British Empire still reigns supreme in the Adventures of Matter Grabba and they’re doing what comes natural; exploring. There’s plenty out there to explore such as the dark-matter galaxy VIRGOHI121….

Politics is riving apart the ancient kingdom of Tyrikhon. Brant, a knight-errant, gets caught up in the intrigue.

Robots. Asimov’s laws. Third planet from the sun. Hmm

A newswriter is caught up in issues of the day in Alibi. He’s aching to leave the Big Apple but that’s where the business is, even if it stinks. Then he meets a girl…

Without Question is noir fiction. A street hoodlum comes to. He’s had the crap kicked out of him and now he wants revenge. Set in an alternate America.

In Harjazes, Doarne is a small town PI. He’s following up on a missing husband case. A  local Indian Legend makes the news; the Ridge Runner has been spotted again.

1 Response to Other Projects

  1. tparchie says:

    I’m toying with turning one of ‘Joe’, ‘Brant’ and ‘Matter Grabba’ into a full fledged novel, but I haven’t decided which.


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