Review of ‘Moving Times’ by Phoenix Writers

A story behind a story.
When I joined Phoenix Writers in 2016, what first struck me was how understated they were. The group has fine writers but they hid their qualities in broad daylight. During my time there I came to the conclusion that for the group to promote itself, it should take a view on publishing its members. I held my fire until one AGM where the subject of future events came up and – to me blindingly obvious – mentioned my thoughts: maybe it should consider an anthology. I’ve self-published for some years now so the mechanics were a known, all that was required was the will.
I was pushing at an open door
As things turned out, work commitments meant I wasn’t in a position to do as much as I’d planned but I was able to make some suggestions on what needed to be done and, in the end the anthology went ahead.

It is called: Moving Times, and I donated three pieces:
Wild Mouse (fiction), From The Light (fiction), By Design (poem)

Moving Times by Phoenix Writers - front cover

Moving Times by Phoenix Writers

In my copy of the anthology was a thank you note

Thank you note from Bernadette

note from Bernadette

Why did I join Phoenix Writers?
A cursory internet check returned little evidence of writing groups in Horwich; it was only by accident I discovered their existence. In keeping with my urge to write and to take feedback, I had to know what they were about. Ahh – the dark days of 2017 – it was then my writing took a hit and, as my ongoing consultancy was coming to an end, I was on the lookout for answers to more pressing matters – keeping a roof over our heads and putting food on the table – even it it was the cheapest of cheap supermarket leftovers (you can only buy what you can afford). Despite all the talk of full employment, more and more do we face the hurdle of being type-cast by our recent experience. It is said that truth is the key and you should hold no secrets but in many things it’s a case of: tell the truth and society will beat you down or, at best, ignore you.

Lesley Atherton - author

Times’ is a book put together to celebrate the decade-long existence of the Phoenix
Writers group, from Horwich Lancashire, and the contributors should be highly
proud of what they’ve achieved.

The first
thing you notice is that it is a very attractive book with a simple but
well-designed and effective cover. This really does the contents justice, which
is something not achieved by all small press and writing group books.

As a member
of three/four writing groups, I really do identify with the sentiments
expressed in the book’s foreword – ‘What moves you, gets you out of bed in the
morning, drives you to action? For us on a Thursday, it’s Phoenix Writers. We
meet as friends, share ideas and get support and inspiration’. Yes, that’s what
a strong and healthy writing group does for the usually lone creative. Such a
group provides a stable and caring home for…

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