Revolution Day

Regime Change!

The cosy, smoke filled rooms of wannabe revolutionaries are fleshed out here to dwell on what happens after.
It’s South America; the revolution was fought and won long ago, consigning the evil dictator, Salgado, and his henchmen to the rubbish bin of history. You’ve won the revolution but what about the hearts and minds of those you purport to serve? No matter, because the country is rich in valuable resources.
Hurrah for President Carlos Almanzor (former lawyer), they shout… but time has moved on and the annual celebration in honour of those who fell in the revolution: Revolution Day, has become a magnet for protesters. New media is creeping into the lives of the citizens, painting President Almanzor’s regime in an unsavoury light. This isn’t easy to stamp out as it originates mostly from America; the regime’s biggest export market.
It’s been 37 years since the revolution and time has moved on; the president grows old. His former lover, Juanita, once a star of the revolution, has been under house arrest for the best part of two decades; the Revolutionary Council have become the Establishment, trotting out the ogre of a Salgado comeback whenever a purge is called for. His head of security, Manuel, is ambitious. Occasionally he is permitted one the perks of any self-respecting people’s revolutionary dictatorship, show trials.
Revolution Day builds a picture of how the revolution of decades ago tangled the lives of the revolutionary council, poisoning their humanity. It skips between the day to day life of the president, the dairy of Juanita, his former lover, and the head of security, Manuel. The practicalities of decision making, in a third world dictatorship are captured well, as are the less savoury aspects.
Manuel is ambitious, the president is old and regime change lies waiting.

There is an authentic feel to the day to day life of revolutionaries-come-dictators and the mechanics of power; the dynamic behind regime change is inexorable. Given the recent background of colour revolutions, may have wider interest. Age range 16+

Revolution Day by T.E. Taylor
June 2015, Crooked Cat Books
ISBN 978 1 54279 3582
Publisher site for this book:

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