Project Cube

Project Cube

I am currently designing a Project Cube. The essence is that that it will hold both static and dynamic project data from sales through to labour, material, subcontract and sundry bought-in costs. This will be presented in monthly, year to date cumulative and budget, summarised by project manager and business area.

Why a cube?

That describes the data structure. Initially is exists in a flat file – it’s virtually 1d (call it 1½ d) – this is cross tabulated into a 2 d table from which projects are lifted to form the final dimension.

1½ d report for

1½ d report

representation of Excel file structure

2d Table from 1½d report

representation of Excel file structure

Project Cube

Why projects?

Part-complete finance / ERP implementations leave gaps. To complete the picture you need to determine the business need. A business always needs more information; the first step is determining what drives funds and what drives profit and from there, whether its existing reports do the job. In this case the missing jigsaw piece was project reporting.

Still ongoing.

Also ongoing is Nymphs, my next post

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