Unfinished Stories

Update as of 03/11/15 —The point about writing groups is writing. Attend them and find topics which interest you, as a writer. An outcome of this is unfinished stories. Those who attend writing groups will know what this means – 300 to 400 words of idea which could be taken further… except the next meeting invariably reboots the idea generation process and previous efforts are dumped. I’m left with back-catalogue of ideas that continue to interest me; in due course some will be taken to completion. For the most part they are unfinished novels, some are possibly a series. Since 2012 – when I started to break away from Guide, my first novel (what do I mean by break away? – let go of that writing obsession and start developing visions of other universes – it’s hard because the first one was compelling) I’ve catalogued my ideas. Alongside this I’ve reflected on whether I’m up to the task – without falling victim to the obsessive state I was in, while I wrote Guide. By Spring 2015 I had a good cross section of Noir, Historical, SF & Fantasy starts, many of which showed promise. I let things gel and in summer 2015, I decided.

—I took a novella, written late 2014 (approx 20k words then) up to novel length. As of now it stands at 76k words – basically first draft. Over the next week or so I expect to tidy it up ready for editing (I hope to use Stephen Cashmore of SfEP – Society for Editors and Proofreaders). What’s it about? lost civilisations, hopeless love, menacing aliens and a narrator with a secret that may save or doom humanity. It’s working title is The Tau Device.

Changes as of 28/01/15 —dead links tidied up; Erisse of the Illyany re-enabled (after some wrestling with Goodreads)

as of 03/03/14 —some stories taken offline to self-publish / collections.

Unfinished stories? We all have them. Even if we never write they’re there; ideas circling round and round, waiting to be written down. So though I’ve been busy for several months editing my novel and dealing with the follow through, I haven’t been idle. I still get time to drop in at my local writing group, Hasiwriters.

When I attend, ideas just seem to crawl out of the woodwork. As soon as the shape of the story is clear, I make a start. However, editing a 600 page / 160,000 words novel is an intensive process, especially when it’s a first time experience so compromises are required. Some of the stories started in my writing group get finished, e.g:

Historical, Mediterranean, Corsairs, Slavery
The Central Sea*
* links to stories removed but collected in Real FictionThese form part of my Mediterranean Corsair Cycle. The umbrella title is The Central Sea (a literal rendering of The Mediterranean). It’s set around the time of the Crusades. Background notes.

A Red Car
Flash fiction – Rebellious Youth

Flash fiction – More Youth!

All in Time
Flash fiction – Myth
[link removed]

After School
Post urban / apocalypse
3k short story (collected in Lucky and other stories)

Fiction / Romance (noir)
7k word sketch collected in Real Fiction

It’s not always possible to bring each to completion at the time they are begun. If I’m working on other projects, I do enough so that when I return (on a future rainy day) I can pick up where I left off. Eventually, I’ll make time. But then the question in my mind is: Which to finish off? Below are recent  incomplete pieces:

The Glass Slipper
Draft scenes

The Fairy Tree
Realistic Fantasy
[link removed]

A Sending
High Fantasy
[link removed]

Probably Science Fiction 🙂
[link removed]

[link removed]

An Italian murder
Two scenes

Erisse of the Illyany
Fantasy / Horror
Three chapters


Then there’s the stuff still in progress:

Science Fiction – Space Opera
22k word Sketch but part of a larger, and as yet unfinished, work

Writing Day
Post urban / apocalypse
3k short story (collected in Lucky and other stories) but part of a larger work

Heroic / Mythic fantasy
22k word sketch – part of a larger work still in progress

Without Question
8k word Crime sketch collected in Real Fiction
3k of which is here
(still in progress)







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