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After many years of business, Terence took up the creative pen, explaining his motivation: ‘I got less and less pleasure from reading the genre. It was time to give it a go.’
His first novel, A Guide to First Contact, is a play on words. Incorporating fact where possible, it concerns evolutionary theory, the origins of life before the big bang and thus of the human race, and what comes after human; the apocalypse and what comes after the Rapture, aliens with plans that may not be in our interests, the uncertainty principle, technological conspiracy, a universe in which the stuff of life is just another tool and much more.
The Tau Device, his second novel is Hard SF. It takes a serious aim at themes such doomed alien civilisations, xeno-archaeology, and how a junior species might make its way in an advanced interstellar civilisation and the urge to propagate. As well as post-apocalypse and hard science fiction, he produces fantasies, dystopias, experiments in noir fiction, general fiction, anecdotes, local history and poetry.

In 2011 he contributed to and published 36 Short Stories 2010/11 on behalf of Creative Writers on My Telegraph to which 36 Short Stories 2015 has been added. In 2014 he contributed to and published Has You Like It on behalf of Hasiwriters. His books are on Amazon and Lulu.

Hobby Stuff

(man cannot live by writing alone)

Retro spreadsheet mapping – contour maps with Quattro Pro


Mandelbrot chart with indice set at 1

Mandelbrot _indice3

Mandelbrot chart with indice set at 3


Mandelbrot chart with indice set at 4

Space – the next frontier

Asteroid Distribution

Asteroid Distribution

PC Gaming – Strategy in Space

Galactive Civilizations

Galactive Civilizations – a promo pic for the game.

The big concept in space gets airtime: Babylon 5

Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5

Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5 in calendar pose

Local team is Burnley FC.


Taken on the occasion of abandoned match v Leicester City, 02/01/2005.
Using: Olympus C-5000Z
800 x 600, 144 dpi

Fan site


main fan site (the players have moved on)

Turf Moor

some footy0001_GlowingEdges

Turf Moor, glowing edges filter


To contact him leave a comment or email to tparchie [at] googlemail [dot] com

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