Simile of the Sun

Plato ‘The Republic’ – Simile of the Sun

Subject Plato ‘The Republic’ – Simile of the Sun
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Notes on Plato’s ‘Republic’ – The Simile of the Sun
December 2010

P306 – 307
Allusion to properties that make the phenomena sensible – so do we ‘agree’ or do we ‘believe’ – becomes an exercise in word juggling, noting that he makes his thought accessible by offering a sensory analogy. And then the link from light to shadow and darkness with illuminative knowledge
so ref Manichaeism
failure here…
Truth and reality – if you jump to forms you access the process that clouds truth and reality(,) as forms are agreements to believe.
Perhaps the insistence on a hierarchy is part of the problem.
P310 The Divided Line
The objection to the Sun simile finds force here also as the Forms are necessarily linked to opinion (or vice versa) which of course suggests a wildly different diagram.
So we wait for pp 320 – 321 where more may be explained.


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