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Writing Groups near Burnley

Over the past two years I’ve been to various writing groups: Hasiwriters (based in Haslingden Library) Irwell Writers (meet in the Mosses, Bury) Holmfirth Writers (meet in Holmfirth Library) Slaithwaite Writers (meet in Slaithwaite Library) Drop-in Writing Workshop (meet in Brewed … Continue reading

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Kulturá at Kavá 2

[* edited 06/08/2016] To blog or not to blog. I shuck off thoughts of Grant Morrison’s Invisibles (Vertigo Comics) and retellings of The Fisher King. Once more I am at Kulturá at the Kavá in Todmorden. In another life, things … Continue reading

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Short Stories – We’ve All Done Them

Short Stories. We’ve all done them. I started just after my first novel, The Insertion, had reached draft – hopefully that’s a book that’ll never see the light of day. This was back in 2009. I was on Litarena, a site over … Continue reading

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Has You Like It – Report from the Launch

I just thought I’d add my thoughts on how well the event in Haslingden Library, on the evening of 17/02/15, went. For those who were there in spirit, but couldn’t make it, the evening was a delightful mix of well rehearsed delivery … Continue reading

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Has You Like It – Book Launch

Has You Like It   a collection of short stories and poems by members of Hasiwriters, will be launched on Tuesday, 17th February, Haslingden Library, 19:00 to 20:30. More details have been confirmed for this event. Guests will include renowned poet, … Continue reading

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Poems and Short Stories: Has You Like It

Book Launch A couple of months ago I put the finishing touches to Has You Like It. This is a collection of poetry and short stories by the members of Hasiwriters, a writing group. They meet regularly in Haslingden Library. More … Continue reading

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An Account of the Last Years of Burnley Grammar School

Burnley Over the next few weeks I will be putting the finishing touches to a book about Burnley, a town in Lancashire, UK. The book looks at the history of the area covering the period from Anglo-Saxon times up to the … Continue reading

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Hasiwriters / Fantasy – Horror Project

Since April 2010 my local writing group, Hasiwriters, has met in Haslingden Library. Hasiwriters (a contraction of Haslingden Writers) has finally made its way into my memory cells. From a lifetime of made up words, I’ve an instinctive aversion to new … Continue reading

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New Books

I’ve just published two books (December 2014). The first is published on behalf of my writing group, Hasiwriters who meet regularly in Haslingden Library. It includes two of my short stories: Writing Day and After School and is called: Has You … Continue reading

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First Paragraphs

Last night in Hasiwriters, we used a first paragraph from The Fécunda, which begins: BACK IN THE PRE-TIME DAWN. Back when peoples were mixed and those that are many now were fewer. Much fewer. And they roamed lands that had no … Continue reading

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