Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Research takes you places you’ve never been. In my case that’s Oklahoma (watching the musical doesn’t count).

Here’s a chart I pulled together, which tracks average tornado records in the period 1950 to 2013. For smoothing purposes, I took an 11 year average, charting against the middle year. No reason for 11 years other than similarity to the sunspot cycle.

Chart of OklahomaTornadoes

Oklahoma Tornadoes over recent decades

I couldn’t resist the urge to model this.

I still haven’t been… and yeah, this ties in with Alibi, top of my to-write list.

Source of data:

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1 Response to Tornadoes in Oklahoma

  1. tparchie says:

    Uhh yeah – I oughtta have trimmed the Excel edges off of the image edge.


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