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The New SF – New Wave Science Fiction

The New SF – Langdon Jones (ed) Arrow Books 1971 paperback, 224pp, ISBN 0 09 003890 8 This collection is a fingers up to both the literary establishment and the normal reading public. There’s so little SF, that the back … Continue reading

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Billion Year Spree – further thoughts

Just finished The Neried. About myths, legends and homelessness; set in Blackpool. My next piece is proper SF Core. Set in the core of the Milky Way, in the Galactic Bar. Explores the issues of lots of aliens living together … Continue reading

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Women Writers of SF and Fantasy

At the very outset, Naomi Alderman in the Guardian makes the case for Mary Shelley and Margaret Atwood to be considered Science Fiction writers in  Dystopian dreams: how feminist science fiction predicted the future. Would Mary Shelley have recognised Science Fiction? … Continue reading

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Have Spreadsheet, Will Dabble

It was Robert Heinlein

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Free Kindle Download – The Tau Device

The Tau Device has the following free download days. Title Amazon book from to The Tau Device B01CC3X9L4 14/05/16 14/05/16 The Tau Device B01CC3X9L4 03/06/16 06/06/16 It is also available in paperback Standard edition Large font paperback As an extra, the paperback editions … Continue reading

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Burnley, Championship Champions

09/05/2016 It’s Decision Time ‘cos the Burnley Promotion Party (including the aftermath of the FA fiasco but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) is ready to roll. I live in Helmshore but work in Littleborough. It’s Monday afternoon and I’m waiting … Continue reading

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Andre Norton – Forerunner Factor

While my PC was down I picked up an unread pb at random: The Forerunner Factor: Andre Norton Baen Books (trade pb) ISBN 978-1-4516-3808-0 purchased 05/05/12 from Waterstones, Deansgate, Manchester. Forerunner Factor was originally published as two books ¹. These … Continue reading

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Getting to Light Speed

From a discussion elsewhere, I picked up on the question: Getting to light speed – how long? Assume constant acceleration of 1g where g = 9.8m/s² Using the standard formula v = u + at We want ‘t’ From the … Continue reading

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New Science Fiction Novel – The Tau Device

Science Fiction as History I’ve read plenty of tales that put humanity in the driving seat, but how do we get there? The tale of Western Civilisation is that the advanced colonise the primitive. Early Science Fiction made the universe … Continue reading

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The Tau Device – Announcement

I’m pleased to announce that The Tau Device is available to pre-order on Kindle. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01CC3X9L4. This is the only e-book edition. In this  Science Fiction novel, Park has played to his strengths: alien culture and slightly elliptical dialogue. In particular the mystery and weirdness of … Continue reading

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