Has You Like It – Report from the Launch

I just thought I’d add my thoughts on how well the event in Haslingden Library, on the evening of 17/02/15, went.

For those who were there in spirit, but couldn’t make it, the evening was a delightful mix of well rehearsed delivery and improvisation.

Jim presented His Worship, The Lord Mayor, who spoke about the initiative that lay behind the eventual founding of Hasiwriters.
Joan (Malvern) recounted how she and Joan (Atkinson) were drawn into Hasiwriters by the drive of Janet Peel, before presenting a copy of Has You Like It, to Irene, Janet Peel’s mother. She then went on to say how Michael’s self-published Shorties – Size Small had galvanised everyone into doing this collection.
Contributors read their extracts which, from memory (the order may be wrong), were:

Joan M Granddad’s Flat Cap
Jim Lost Radios
Aunt Edith’s Birthday Treat
Joan A If You Want To Get Ahead
Carol Margaret Mallory
Michael Juice Then
Terence After School (first 2 pages)

The audience were generous in their appreciation.

Joan M closed in saying that copies of the book were on sale and nibbles and refreshments awaited. Nibbles were nibbled and drinks were drunk. Photos were taken.  Unfortunately the Rossendale Free Press couldn’t come, nevertheless a great night.

There were 35(-ish) in attendance

Thanks to all who pulled the stops out to organise and make this event work. I’d like to put on record my gratitude to the Lord Mayor and all others (who were all VIP for me) made it such a great success by just being there. I am particularly grateful to the library staff without whom none of this would have been possible, and of course to Hasiwriters, whose readings (and writings) made the night.

More details about the book: Has You Like It

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