Plato’s ‘Republic’ – The Good as Ultimate Object of Knowledge

Notes on Plato’s ‘Republic’ –  The Good as Ultimate Object of Knowledge
P300 (Om!)
The viccissitudes of life do the job and refine the good from the bad (possible, philosophers) semantics but aren’t the attractions of life the ‘big’ challenge
Whoah! the secret trials of the unwitting candidate!
Reality beats Presentation (Apparently) so the real is desirable…
The Simile of the Sun… acts as an anchor and suggests / casts a glamour of ‘concreteness’ or ‘certainty’… ‘irrefutable truth’
We are paraded the link between sense and phenomena it is designed to detect. There as an (as yet unnamed) link, the barain – plus the spark of life + plus what else?

previously: the prejudice against philosophy

Note: I’ve reposted my notes on Plato’s Republic:
The Republic p45
Philosopher Kings and Forms (p269 to the Corruption of Philosophy)
The Prejudice Against Philosophy p286
The Good as Ultimate Object of Knowledge p300
The Simile of the Sun p306
Moving onto the Cave p314

Here’s a note On Philosophy

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3 Responses to Plato’s ‘Republic’ – The Good as Ultimate Object of Knowledge

  1. TP Archie says:

    These are tester posts should I decide to migrate my blog (currently at


  2. tparchie says:

    Yeah, I know; this really does need to be tightened up or made private.


  3. tparchie says:

    Sticking philosophy into narrative gives me a perverse sense of enjoyment. In Philosophy in Science Fiction I pay homage to Heinlein and Zelazny (a couple of my SF heroes). Here, I also show my reworking of the bit of Plato’s Republic that deals with the simile of the Cave & and the simile of the Sun.


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