Terence was born in Skipton, Yorkshire and has lived in Burnley, Lancs for most of his life. He has a long suffering family which includes four children, three dogs and two cats. His fiction deals with common SF themes but in a realistic context. It has been characterised as: conveying a sense of foreboding, yet with the faint possibility of hope. Favourite authors include Robert Heinlein, Philip K Dick, Roger Zelazny and Doris Lessing.


other works by the author

Title Genre e-book Print on demand large format / hardback
Silt From Distant Lands Poetry paperback
The Slow Holocaust Collection paperback
The Tau Device SF Kindle paperback large format
Interstellar Gourmet (became The Tau Device) SF paperback
Has You Like It Collection paperback
Unfinished Tales Detective, Historical paperback
Lucky SF Kindle paperback
Brant Fantasy paperback
Burnley History, Nostalgia paperback
A Guide to First Contact Dystopia, Post Apocalypse Kindle paperback large format
Ice Made Collection large format
Also available Genre e-book paperback large format
Real Fiction (became Unfinished Tales Detective, Historical large format
Lucky and other stories SF collection large format
36 Stories 2010/11 Collection Kindle large format