Burnley Literary Festival – Day Two

This Sunday

…like every Sunday was family visits day. What makes it different is it’s Jen’s birthday. It’s going to be a cooking and meals with the children day. I walked the dogs and followed this up with a two hour shop as ASDA, Accrington. I don’t remember why I chose that store but I was rewarded with a checkout delay as the store announced “There is a problem with using some chip and pin cards for payment. We apologise for any inconvenience.”  This is the way the world ends I thought as I watched a woman in the front of the queue vainly try to pay for her goods. I repeated the thought to

the gentleman directly in front of me and, studying the contents of his shop which included a set of light fittings I added, “Things could prove sticky for those with insufficient cash.”

While the woman in front of him waited he took the opportunity to study the contents of his wallet and made a tactical decision – the light fittings were put to one side. Soon she and her shopping were ushered away, perhaps to trial some other means of taking payment, and it was his turn. He tested his card for its paying power which as suspected, failed. However his tactical decision proved a success. He had just enough cash to cover the balance of his shop.
“You’re right,” he said to me, “this is how the world will end.”
I paid cash. What a headache it is if systems fail (my first novel has civilisation end this way). And by the way I had a headache too.

The shopping was delivered back home to in time to see Craig (Jen’s brother) plus Helen, and Ian (Craig’s son) plus Lauren return from a dog walk. They’d brought Lola (new dog) and Jake (old collie). Margaret (Jen’s sister) was due soon for an extended cooking session in the kitchen.  With three hours spare I went to Burnley for day two of the festival. As I’d decided on Aziz Dixon, emerging poet, I headed for Burnley Central Methodist Church – or at least I thought so – ending up at the Sion Baptist Church on Church Street. How well did I know Burnley? As a result I arrived ten minutes late.

Aziz Dixon – Poet Emerging tour

Edmund Aziz Dixon reading on his 'Poet Emerging' tour

Aziz Dixon reading 1

Aziz completed explaining his name which has a connection with Sufism I didn’t catch and launched into poetry. Each poem was accompanied by a brief, informative introduction. Many of them are set in and around the Rossendale area. They dwell on the moors, the landscape of the area, old buildings, everyday life, often have wry wit and are well delivered. Half way through there was a break for a brew and I wandered over to look at his books (see later).

Edmund Aziz Dixon reading on his 'Poet Emerging' tour

Aziz Dixon reading 2

After the break his reading sandwiched some poetry by published poet Hannah Stone (also his sister). His work flowed naturally, there was little evidence of forced rhyme or overly emotive language, his delivery was a good match for the content and there was a lot to take away. This event coincides with the release of his latest volume: Poet Emerging. I recommend tracking him down. One to watch for the future – five out of five. Aziz has been writing since early 2015. He has a number of volumes which are produced through Createspace.  These are:

River and Hills: voices of Irwell: Poem Seeds
Paper Landscapes
Quince Memories
North Wales Pilgrim: a poetic journey: reflections on a pilgrimage from Holywell to Bardsey
Sufi Sunrise
Shells of thoughts and feelings
Poet Emerging

Goodreads author profile

Sufi Sunrise ISBN 978-1516973798

Sufi Sunrise

Outside poetry, he has followed a Sufi path, within the Chishti order, for a number of years. Aziz is his Sufi name. The Sufi orders originated in Central Asia. It is claimed that at one time they operated solely in and through Islam; if that was ever the case it is no longer so.

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2 Responses to Burnley Literary Festival – Day Two

  1. Jay says:

    Thanl you for the info on Aziz Dixon’s literary work and the Sufi order. I would like to get his books, but not from Amazon,
    It may be cheaper, but it is more expensive in the long run because Amazon workers are mistreated and do not get respect. At program engineering level:
    and the conditions of the warehouse workers (read the comments)

    Aziz Dixon, a Sufi, ought to re-think his Amazon connection..


    • Terence Park says:

      Hello Jay
      Many self publishers find Amazon offering their work. Take me as an example: my self published works are set up with Lulu and not with Amazon, yet I find Amazon offering them (with a tremendous price hike). How? I think you will find that Amazon take it upon themselves to offer any book that passes through their databases – at a price.
      Aziz, like millions of self-publishers, has no power to affect Amazon’s behaviour… though I suppose he could choose to not publish.
      I bought my copy from Aziz, not from Amazon.
      be in the world but not of it has its limitations.


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