Ridge Runner

What in tarnation is Ridge Runner?

It started life as Harjazes. For the month of November 2013 I tasked myself to produce 50,000 words; the challenge set by NaNoWriMo (the National Novel Writing Month).
So what does Harjazes mean?

This in turn started as Harjazws, a random word to get me going, something I planned to evolve into a plausible plot. It began like this…

In a fictional town of Lellegheny (pop 250,103) trouble’s brewing. For many years there’s been not sight of the Ridge Runner. Local legend has it that the Ridge Runner was the work of backwoods men hiding their moonshine activities. Nothing’s been heard of the Ridge Runner for a while…

Lellegheny is located somewhere in the grey portion of the map.

North-East U.S. - Indian Map

Mike Doarn, private investigator is hired to track down Maude Dimling’s missing husband. On that day, the Lellegheny Enquirer runs a story on the Ridge Runner….

Harjazes a Nanowrimo blog starts here: page o1; but see below for a complete web map.

I didn’t expect to produce anything like 50k words. I expected word count to end up between 20k and 30k, and trusted to a fair writing-wind plus luck to get any further. Real life events took a hand and the story of Harjazes became the story of moving my office. By mid December the fall-out from the move was largely dealt with, however this had prevented me from even achieving my paltry objective. In retrospect, there was little I could have done to improve the outcome; and I do have a piece that I want to conclude.

Harjazes is a take on American culture and Indian myth under the guise of Detective fiction. It was written daily and my (unedited) entries for this are:

01 – Mike Doarn’s office
02 – Lellegheny Library
05 – Tribal Lands
06 – Not just watching
07 – Too much trouble to go back?
08 – Packers Park
09 – Bilby’s
10 – Ridge Runner sightings

The story of the story is here:
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Moving Offices
Day Five
So Where is Lellegheny
Back to NaNoWriMo
Day Seven NaNoWriMo
Farewell Boom-box
Yesterday is gone but not forgotten
Not the end but
Back to the fold
The Silk Road and the Karakorum Highway
Doris Lessing
NaNoWriMo runs its course
Back on the writing trail

At present Harjazes is 10k words and the first 6k of these are in the blog postings above. It is a story I plan to complete and it will probably end up novella sized.

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