Just begun to self-edit The Turning Stone

I wrote The Turning Stone in late 2016. It’s YA Fantasy set in an alternate present day where the leading powers of the world are NuWrld, Angevie, Hanan and Muscovy.

It begins in the fictional town of Saret, not far from Urumqi in the fictional nation of Uighuristan. An ancient rune stone has been found by an archaeological expedition. Their teenaged offspring having accompanied them, are waiting back at Saret in the caravanserai.

Eastern Mysticism plus superhero themes.

Self-editing is a chore – hunt down the typos and fix other problems so it reads well. There’s a mechanical side – some monitor plots, others tune the characters. I create track-changes edited files – one for each chapter. When each chapter is done I redo word count and note it – that’s how I track my overall progress. My edit progress by chapter is as follows:

Title chapter.docx Edited date
Saret, Uighuristan 3853 3888 28/03/18
Dark Web 3709 3774 29/03/18
Bandits 3184 3237 30/03/18
Deals 3571 3624  31/03/18
Cavern 3173 3200  31/03/18
Spell of Unbinding 4394 4695  01/04/18
Aftershocks and Secrets 3330 3427  01/04/18
Totals 25214 25845

In the above table, chapter.docx means a docx file for each chapter, named to the chapter title. (docx: I don’t write in Word but it has useful editing functions).

When naming a chapter I select a title to convey a sense of the events taking place – just the same as a book title. The Turning Stone began life as Elf War. When I realised it could be a series and the elves hadn’t turned up yet (not to mention there is already an Elf War out there)  The Turning Stone suggested itself to me. As a series seems likely, that makes it The Turning Stone Chronicles, leaving a question mark for the title of this first book. It’s not Elf War as there’s no elves :-). Front runner is to name it for my Tuvan heroine Arshaana.  Thus: Arshaana’s Quest


About Terence Park

Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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