Doom 2 Level 26 Abandoned Mines

Published on Nov 23, 2014

Trial A

This is a balanced level suitable for a single player to take on respawn on ultra-violence setting. Objectives are to:
1) use explosive barrels before doing direct frags
2) pitch mobs against each other
3) mop up before respawns happen
3a) on a respawn, deal with it before leaving the area
4) Mobs stuck on scenery / each other I leave in place, unless they’re in the way.
5) For fun (not a walk-through)

Some Video detail is blurred – down to my converter settings I think. Audio and video gradually drift out of synch – may be fixed on later trials:

Trial B

Playing this using a 2006 XP, PC – ZDoom runs direct with no need for DOSbox, ext.
Music running in background. I normally turn off Doom2’s level music and playlist from Virtual DJ. Because I did screen / audio capture with Debut Video Capture, this led to frame rate issues – which however – don’t seem to have affected the actual video.
I use the T(alk) function to show what I’m doing.

Trial C

Captured on NHC Debut Video Software, using Selection setting to capture full screen at 1679 x 1049 px (from 1680 x 1050)

Encoder options / AVI Encoding Settings
DV Encoder PAL (Direct Show)
Sound Compressor DV Audio
Sound format: 44100 HZ Stereo

Edit Output / Video Output Options
Resize Video = not clicked
Change framerate = not clicked

The setting above ensure avi is capture native with least frame rate loss; otherwise the audio drifts out of synch with the action. I suspect the background music is pushing the ageing technology of my XP machine.

I have an intermittent & slow connection to the net. the file sizes in trial A, B and C are half a gig each.Uploads would take hours, constantly monitored / restarted for dropped connections. I used Prism Video Converter to reduce each file down to about 50 MB each, using Edit Output / Video Output Options

Resize video = ticked, selecting
“Shrink or Enlarge the video to the selected size”
Height: constrain proportions to 4:3
Change framerate to 25.00

About TP Archie

I have lived in and around Burnley, Lancs, for most of my life. My four children are grown For a living I'm an accountant. I'm interested in current affairs, history and writing. For a while I was the face of My Telegraph Writers on the blogging platform of the London Daily Telegraph. My hobbies include SF, Fantasy, Anime, comic books, Vinyl and self publishing. My longer works include: A Guide to First Contact The Turning Stone Angel in My Heart Men for the Stars Mission Samurai The Tau Device Dragon Shard Door Witch Bluebelle Brant Lucky Shorter fiction: The Wrong Lane and other diversions The Slow Holocaust and other stories An Empty Bucket and other stories Eggman and other concoctions Night of Life and other fictions Under Winter's Bough Unfinished Tales Other works Poetry - Silt from Distant Lands Burnley (the town and its Grammar school) a private reproduction (with a new cover) of Juvaini's History of the World Conqueror
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