A Guide to First Contact

Cover for Guide on Crown Quarto POD

Novel about love, fear, horror, the apocalypse, the Rapture, God, evolution, and first contact with aliens.

This edition on Lulu: 7614126


Brant & other fantasies

Sketches and unfinished tales vol 2

Brant & Other Fantasies - Brychon Woods

Fantasy, dark fantasy, heroic fantasy…

This edition yet to go on Lulu


Real Fiction

Sketches and unfinished tales vol 4

Cover for Real Fiction POD

Crime, Detective and Noir sketches; Historical sketches, plus a dash of Lancashire brogue.

This edition on Lulu: 14942816




Original cover for Lucky and other stories

Cover to Refugees cant run forever

An alien refugee. Other stories: civilisation crumbling, humanity on extinction list…

This edition on Lulu: 9139356


Ice Made

and other stories

Ice Made and other stories cover

Ice Made and other stories

Short stories with a touch of the fantastic – rrant gods, monsters, Lancashire brogue, humanity on extinction list  genetic capture (non-paternity events!)  and much more.

This edition at Lulu: 9139351


Lory Gato, Interstellar Gourmet

Lory Gato, Interstellar Gourmet, cover

Lory Gato, Interstellar Gourmet

Genial star traveller meets lovely (but alien) xeno-archaeologist.

This edition at: Lulu: 1598236 




Guide image for Kindle



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