Writing Groups near Burnley

Over the past two years I’ve been to various writing groups:

Hasiwriters (based in Haslingden Library)
Irwell Writers (meet in the Mosses, Bury)
Holmfirth Writers (meet in Holmfirth Library)
Slaithwaite Writers (meet in Slaithwaite Library)
Drop-in Writing Workshop (meet in Brewed Coffee, Horwich)
Cheetham Street Writers (now closed)
Clayton-le-Moors Writers (now closed)
Freewriters (meet Bacup Library – library under closure threat)

Many libraries are under threat of closure. We know the reason why but that doesn’t mitigate the threat to one of the only vehicles to authors wanting a fully textured feedback. Groups per se aren’t a panacea to all writerly needs you need to know what you want and hope to find it, whether it’s genre feedback, a place to be sociable, somewhere to preach the merits of your latest masterpiece, get advice, make connections or whatever. They all have plusses and minuses. Some bemoan or eulogise whatever happens to be big in current affairs, others are rowdy social affairs where writing commitment is tested by wise-cracking folk of a slightly older generation. One or two struggle to function much beyond a bare framework of random, uninspiring idea prompts. They’re not all like that and with some effort you should be able to come away with narratives that you are comfortable with.
I’ve been going to writing groups since 2010 and religiously maintain an archive. They cover all genres. I’ve no preference for the short story form but I do note it is unsuitable for some of the ideas I plan on developing at some future point of time.

Attending writing groups means many story starts. It’s easy to assume the stories may never see print but as someone with an eye on a potential publisher, I archive and organise them each year. The following list is date written / wordcount / title. Genre is excluded, but note I am unlikely to write anything that doesn’t have an element of the fantastic, or suspense (or some point if an anecdote).

Recent Stories (* = unfinished)

From 2015:

Date written Words Title
11/02/15 302 Oasis of the White Lily*
17/03/15 245 Sea Girl
05/05/15 442 Orphans
02/06/15 471 Dare in the Forest*
16/06/15 381 The Cockroach King
14/07/15 121 Our Garden
21/07/15 331 Dice of Destiny*
05/08/15 320 The Growper*
18/08/15 245 Rebellion
18/08/15 234 Part 2
30/08/15 1501 Kitten’s Play
01/09/15 378 Chicken Soup
01/09/15 271 The Truth
01/09/15 352 Nconnu*
06/10/15 240 Fog
20/10/15 171 Simon’s Dad
20/10/15 318 A Child in a Woman’s Body
03/11/15 399 Rudneth
17/11/15 106 Man Safe
17/11/15 488 The People with Wings
01/12/15 535 Venice
09/12/15 3022 I am Zhlogh
31/12/15 4030 Undercroft
06/08/15 301 North Manchester

From 2016:

Date written Words Title
05/01/2016 231 Parakeet
07/03/2016 87970 The Tau Device
17/05/2016 400 The Hnd*
07/06/2016 561 Backstory*
14/06/2016 221 Joy
20/06/2016 641 Circus in town*
21/06/2016 122 Proverbs
22/06/2016 200 The Hut
27/06/2016 374 Sunburn
02/07/2016 18363 Dragon Shard
04/07/2016 479 The Sin of Sloth
05/07/2016 53 The Glass Fly*
05/07/2016 334 The Watch
11/07/2016 233 Foreign world
20/07/2016 212 The Last Meeting
02/08/2016 509 The Mirror
11/09/2016 3282 Amibanu
11/09/2016 2293 Fickleday*
27/09/2016 118 Twilight on Vernon Street*
04/10/2016 185 Instructions for moving a planet
11/10/2016 208 Pub Grub
15/10/2016 404 Winter by the Sea
18/10/2016 214 The Thimble
23/10/2016 543 Reunion
27/10/2016 542 That Which Waits
01/11/2016 580 The Oath

* * *

At some point I’ll add some thoughts on the Sufi themed visit to Burnley Mechanics on 06/11/16.

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Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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