Getting to Light Speed

From a discussion elsewhere, I picked up on the question:

Getting to light speed – how long?

Assume constant acceleration of 1g where g = 9.8m/s²

Using the standard formula v = u + at
We want ‘t’
From the above t = v/a – u

We know
v = 297,600,000 metres / second
a = 9.8 meters / second ²
u = 0 (assume at rest)

Thus t = 297,600,000 / 9.8 – 0
This equals 30,367,347 seconds or about 351 days

Long before then, there’ll be opportunity to witness abstract notions like Special Relativity first hand, assuming you’re an observer. That’ll tell us the bits that are Scientifiction¹ and which contribute to our understanding.

¹ Hugo Gernsback ( 16/08/1884 – 19/08/1967) created this term way back. He  also coined the more popular term Science Fiction and is considered the founding father of SF. The fan award, the Hugo, is named after him. Here he models an invention of his for Time Magazine back in 1963 (for some mysterious reason it reminds me of Google’s glass):

Television Goggles

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