Philip K Dick, again

I was never a ‘fan’ fan. What’s the point of indulging in hero worship at an author’s feet? In days gone, I hoped that Phil, one of my favourite authors, was fine with that. Recently it occurred to me that when you lose an author, you also lose his capacity to react. What I see (at least in part) is a reflection of his spirit. In my heart of hearts, I know that if I hadn’t read his work, I wouldn’t look at the world the same way,

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This morning, I was certain that chrome on my PC had been infected by a virus; after a bit of digging, I realised that Google had done their usual: we’ve decided to change the interface and we’re sure you’ll like it but we won’t warn you.  Of course this sent my bile and spleen emitters into overdrive. Eventually I figured that this new retrograde-look is actually by design. The hate and bile was building up, to exhaust it I decided to see how  the slightly new Chrome performed. A simple test beckoned.
For quite some time, I’ve been under the impression that Philip K Dick’s middle name was spelt ‘Kendred’. Heaven knows where I picked this up from. It’s possible I’d seen it misspelt in one of my books. I’ve over 30 books by Dick and at least a further 50 short story collections that might contain the culprit spelling. Did

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