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Net migration to UK falls by 49,000 after Brexit vote

When the media make their pronouncements about fake news… Continue reading

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My partner is angry and abusive – if I say I’m going to leave, he threatens to kill me

It’s common for people to take a self help approach, adding bits of what family, friends and the net have to say into the equation. On relationship difficulties, most people do pretty much the same – even bringing their electronic … Continue reading

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My Reflection on Conventional Views of Franz Kafka

In October 2014, the reading group on the Guardian searched for meaning in Kafka. This provoked the following thoughts. Kafka is writing about our living in a world that is too vast and complex for us to understand by any means … Continue reading

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Summing up the EU

When politicians like John Major come out with phrases like “Britain in danger of stumbling into final EU divorce” I’m reminded of the problems that have accompanied membership. When we entered the EEC under Heath, the big sell to the … Continue reading

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Anyone for Tennis?

This morning I came across  a Martin Rowson cartoon posted on the Guardian. It’s been up since Friday 11 July 2014 22.30 BST. That’s 7 hours ago. My quip was too late; at the foot of the cartoon was the message: Comments for this discussion … Continue reading

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FIFA Belgium v Algeria

Tonight is another football night. Despite the controversies surrounding FIFA, I do enjoy watching televised football. Unfortunately I won’t be watching Belgium v Algeria. Belgium (Walloon / Flemish / former me-too European colonist power and now centre of EU bloatacracy) Algeria … Continue reading

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How do you organise your books?

I was browsing The Guardian and Marta Bausells asked: How do you organise your books? Her poll offers the following options. Alphabetically by author Alphabetically by title By genre By size By colour Totally random Other Check out her poll here here. I … Continue reading

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Climate Science

Sometimes you come across an comment that you promise yourself you’ll check out… and never do. In Guardian article The Great Storm of 26 November 1703, I came across the following by Iapogus, which is a response to Warmists DrMaybe and Zepp. … Continue reading

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Sex and Social Mores

Annemarie Chiarini was a victim of revenge porn. In this case a relationship blew up and her ex-partner threatened to publish private pictures of her on the net in a way that would identify her. He carried out his threat. … Continue reading

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Doris Lessing

A quick look around throws up the following: Born 22/10/1919, Kermanshah, Persia (now Iran) Died 17/11/2013, London, UK The Telegraph – Doris Lessing dies aged 94 New York Times – Doris Lessing, Novelist who won 2007 nobel is dead at … Continue reading

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