The Cave

Plato ‘The Republic’ – The Cave

Subject Plato ‘The Republic’ – The Cave
Created 1/16/2011 11:03:00 AM
Posted 1/16/2011 3:43:00 AM
Notes on Plato’s ‘Republic’ – Moving onto the Cave
January 2011

The analogies on geometry and figures are ultimately about manipulation – a form casts shadows which become a way of looking within.
We are tool users and these are mental tools. we see this and call it a trick… or wisdom.
Plato’s forms are a process and the similes are the key.
P316 Yum, yum.
Belief = Careless Acceptance of Appearances
Powerful and compelling description of the human condition marred by a ritualised reverence for the method (of creating / defining a form) the process is fraught with the assumption that it elicits the ‘Form of the Good!’ the thing that powers the simile.
(Mystics might well argue that Plato, fully aware of this, uses the logic bomb as a veil – a point that isn’t lost on me.)
This seems muddled. Plato argues that knowledge can only be gained if it’s already there; and yet argues for the intellectuals to be #compelled to share their knowledge, thus repudiating the industry of the sophists.
He notes the shrewdness of the evil but their self-interest is set in the boundaries of their social milieu – Relativeness?
#Our society has bred you so you have a duty.
desire for power is danger; good – does it serve a purpose; is there a perceived pattern


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