Other Sites

Other sites on WordPress.

The Tau Device
Hard Science Fiction

Tau front A5

An account of the last years of Burnley Grammar School


A Guide to First Contact A resources site for A Guide to First Contact originally conceived as two novels, the Fécunda and the Xenocotrix. The title is a play on words.

Cover for Guide on Crown Quarto POD


Brant. A fantasy piece I’m working on

Brant & Other Fantasies - Brychon Woods

Harjazes. Set up during NaNoWriMo 2013 .

Cover for Real Fiction POD

Zimq – images

The Watcher by Jack Kirby

Archie from My T  Capturing my legacy blog from when the My Telegraph platform was switched off.

Cover to Andre Norton: Forerunner Factor

TCWG Archive – a project that I still haven’t quite worked out.


The Graun Project – on hold


A Zombie’s Log – Just one of those things

Lucky – under construction – not much to see



Away from WordPress, I used to blog on MySpace before it imploded.
The Daily Telegraph hosts a blogging platform known as My Telegraph, on which I maintain TP Archie’s blog

I’m also on Goodreads. Although I’ve accounts on places like




they are basically driven by what’s on here.
· https://twitter.com/ArchieTP
· https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003646422583
· http://about.me/t.p.archie

I sometimes pop into the Indie Writer’s Network.

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