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WordPress Gets Worse

I’m not an Über-blogger and I’m sure that this issue is covered much better in other places but I’m finding it more and more difficult to blog on WordPress. Some of those reasons are self-inflicted – I’m getting a book … Continue reading

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Blog Facelift

18/07/2015 I’ve just given my blog: A Guide to First Contact, a facelift. This includes a new WordPress theme and content changes. It’s now using the Libre theme which gives the main pages a cleaner appearance. I’ve taken the opportunity to give … Continue reading

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Web Counter Test

The BBC (like other news organisations) were going to town on the much heralded sacking of David Moyes with articles such as ‘David Moyes: Manchester United owners pay price for bad decisions‘. This of course eclipsed Burnley FC’s well earned … Continue reading

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Recovering your My Space Blog

For some years I ran a blog on the My Space platform. My Space was an iffy proposition but it had other features that recommended themselves to me. Why blog? The thing that propelled me was the onset of the … Continue reading

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