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New Voyager Spacecraft

The Daily Prompt notes: NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs onboard? Voyager 1 Why describe who and what we are? Why send the innermost secrets of how we … Continue reading

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My Notes on Aristotle’s Poetics

Note; this post is largely superceded; its content is incorporated in Writing Theory which also includes further consideration by Plato on writing. Aristotle – Poetics Penguin Classics 978-0-14-044636-4 £8.99 Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Malcolm Heath Mimesis (imitation) Hamartia … Continue reading

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For Information

Hi The original post of 11/07/11 was a brief note. Since edited (04/03/13) to give context. Back in 2009 I became disenchanted with the direction of My Space – it was becoming less blog friendly. I decided to move lock, stock … Continue reading

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