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Could Extraterrestrial Life Pose a Threat to Earth?

The other day on Quora, I came across this question: “Would extraterrestiral life pose a threat to earth?” Being an avid SF reader, this is an issue I’ve worked through countless times over the years. I’ve even gone so far as to incorporate this … Continue reading

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Appendix II – the Quest for Meaning

Six months ago I finished work on A Guide to First Contact. I write fiction to explore ideas; in the case of Guide, I wanted to provide the backdrop to the workings of non-human intelligences. Fairly hefty stuff, huh? My … Continue reading

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Science Fiction

Science Fiction narratives can be cowboys transplanted into space; they can also be an exploration of the possible. There are many sub-genres. Some of these have come to embed themselves in the public consciousness in a way that I couldn’t … Continue reading

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