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CWG 2015

I am currently working on the long delayed 2015 Anthology by CWG (exiles of My Telegraph). The anthology will contain 36 of their best stories taken from from their 2015 series competition. CWG are a net based writing group, their … Continue reading

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Creative Writers on My Telegraph

Getting back on track I’m finally getting back on track with my latest fictional foray (Dragonshard) into outer space. It’s a look at what lies between the stars and in this case, I’ve come up with an SF-Horror take. I’d hoped to be able to … Continue reading

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Short Stories – We’ve All Done Them

Short Stories. We’ve all done them. I started just after my first novel, The Insertion, had reached draft – hopefully that’s a book that’ll never see the light of day. This was back in 2009. I was on Litarena, a site over … Continue reading

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