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Chinese University Bans Christmas

Chinese University Bans Christmas is a headline ripped from the Guardian. It’s at times like these I feel the urge to dig into background. Here’s their photo. Christianity has a long tradition in China. It turns out that its original form … Continue reading

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Russia in the long term

This is about how the dearth of strong regional civilisations near to Russia gives it a free hand, in for example, the Ukraine – Crimea crisis. A couple of weeks back, I posted Were you paying attention to history in … Continue reading

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The Silk Road and the Karakorum Highway

Originally posted on Harjazes:
While moving my office crap, I took a break to browse the New York Times. Being a wannabee word traveler, I was drawn to an article (Taking The High Road) about the Karakorum highway. This highway follows the Silk-Road (if history turns…

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