The End of WordPress

Anyway this looks like the end of WordPress for me.

I started this year with a resolution to do more on my WordPress blog. I have just under 400 posts dating back to 2009 – when I transferred from My Space to WordPress. Now at that time I’d Just written the first draft of my very first attempt at a novel; 60,000 words of violence, end of the world, strange mutations, bleak savagery and more end of the world. As you do. Until then my blogging had consisted of daily / weekly notes on the blogging section of Myspace (who remembers MySpace?).

There’s a feeling and a vibe coming from things that ain’t going too well, Myspace had it – blog functionality was being downgraded and it was getting difficult to find posts. What was the point of a blog where you couldn’t find your posts? I began reference my work (this was Myspace remember) creating appendices so I could find things. It got worse, Myspace was devolving almost daily. I was deep into getting my first draft done – writing a novel is tough when your command of the language is poor and you don’t know the first thing about writing – and didn’t have the energy to curate my blog.

I looked around for free blogging platforms and hit on the blogging platform provided by the London Daily Telegraph: MyTelegraph plus I chose the former because the platform also hosted a creative writers group (which I joined). As I was deep into the creative process, I saw it as a way to describe my writing journey. WordPress was for current events, sport etc and my stuff on Myspace was an archive which I would sort out later.

The matter of Myspace soon came to a head: it finally ended its almost impossible to use blogging side, and then gave notice that existing content would be archived. I realised if I didn’t want to lose my posts, I’d have to follow through and download their archive of my stuff. I did so with the intention of moving it somewhere… eventually. Reason being there was stuff I didn’t want to lose sight of such as my notes on Plato’s The Republic.

Meanwhile the idea of creating a blog of my writing journey just didn’t work. The learning curve was steep and I didn’t know what lay at the end of the path: was it a hobby? would I create anything worth reading? what was my audience? how could I fix my many flaws? I was so dirt-poor and the process was so arduous I couldn’t imagine that kind of tale would interest anyone.

Then late in 2014, the warning signals that MyTelegraph was nearing the end of its days began. DT staff were moved away from the platform and the comment areas which were a hybrid of WordPress and Disqus, began to fill up with spam. Some of the groups were defended better – the creative writing group kept going through automated spam etc until 2016, when the platform was switched off. I took a copy of the entire history of CWG discussion boards with the view that some time in the future, those archives could be reconstituted onto the net. That hasn’t happened yet and may never happen.

Before the inevitable end of MyTelegraph I moved my blog onto the WordPress.

I have several blogs on WordPress and normally I access them through the interface – e.g click ‘My Sites’ in the top left hand corner. The access method has changed recently and all I get now is a blank page with the following reference:

Other areas of reduced functionality include: Me

When I click the button to add a new post I get another blank page under the reference

Even the reader no longer works:

So how have I produced this post?
When the classic WordPress interface is invoked, the classic interface allows me to add new posts. I can no longer, however, directly upload media files as the Block just shows an error. The work-around is the upload directly to my media library and add to my blog post from there. The signs are that WordPress will continue to evolve and in doing so, leave some unable to use it… which brings me to the point where the struggle with technology becomes pointless. I have conquered my writing demons as best I can.

There are many fine and popular bloggers in the community so there will be no loss if I can no longer be heard. For my part, by sticking here, I will be wasting my energy. I do not think I will stay with WordPress. I am a fan of change but when it silences you, your voice can no longer be heard.

With luck, a fair wind and plenty of time, I might continue to figure out how to make use of what has become limited functionality. But it isn’t fun.

About TP Archie

I have lived in and around Burnley, Lancs, for most of my life. My four children are grown For a living I'm an accountant. I'm interested in current affairs, history and writing. For a while I was the face of My Telegraph Writers on the blogging platform of the London Daily Telegraph. My hobbies include SF, Fantasy, Anime, comic books, Vinyl and self publishing. My longer works include: A Guide to First Contact The Turning Stone Angel in My Heart Men for the Stars Mission Samurai The Tau Device Dragon Shard Door Witch Bluebelle Brant Lucky Shorter fiction: The Wrong Lane and other diversions The Slow Holocaust and other stories An Empty Bucket and other stories Eggman and other concoctions Night of Life and other fictions Under Winter's Bough Unfinished Tales Other works Poetry - Silt from Distant Lands Burnley (the town and its Grammar school) a private reproduction (with a new cover) of Juvaini's History of the World Conqueror
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