Process Mapping and Things

A long awaited piece of work – process mapping for a high street name – is close. While I’ve been plotting that into my diary, my middle daughter has finally, at the age of 20, cut the apron strings to home… again. She has finally cobbled together enough (with her boyfriend) to get on the housing ladder under the help to buy scheme; so hurrah to that. In my head she’s ready for this step. The pluses add up because she’s taken the dog from hell with her – intelligent but totally spoilt. This creates a little more space at home for my youngest, back at home while her second year of university transmogrifies into third.

At the beginning of August, a small thought (I only have small thoughts —read the wrapper :-)) popped into existence.

Northern Voices

Aspects of this are controversial. I raised the subject around the community; most of the players are keen. Watch this space.

Recently I cried off writing groups many starts, not enough finishes. Normally I aim at 2,000 words plus, flash fiction is by accident not design.

A quick list of recent short fiction:

01/06/17 Phil’s Real Encounter (Phil of Irwell Writers had an encounter with a beautiful Asian girl which I’ve helpfully interpreted) 300 words

31/07/17 Loom 13 (textiles / narrow fabric weaving – anecdote) 1,000 words

14/08/17 Weeding Time (robots / perils of AI) 300 words

15/08/17 The Name is Pond, James Pond (suburban caper) 900 words

16/08/17 The Swift (Burnley in the 60s) 600 words

Currently working on:

Peril Mansion (adventure / horror) 883 words so far. Will work out less than 5k words.

Zorke’s Folly (science fiction – an alien race with 13 sexes, all female – who needs men?) This is working out quite long – probably novella length – there’ll be some sexual politics – 3,400 words done so far.



About Terence Park

Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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