Man Cannot Survive on Mobile Alone.

For Xmas my eldest bought me a smart mobile. I’d been struggling along on my ailing Nokia. It held battery charge great but internet connectivity was a chore. I didn’t bother. Other things being equal I was quite open to the idea of getting a smartphone. The one he got me was a HTC Desire 530.

The big gripe about smartphones is battery life (& unwanted screen activation & fiddly text handling & invasive browsing experience but those are further down the gripe experience). The big embarrassment is commenting. Anything beyond a snappy sentence becomes a marathon; might as well not bother. I tried various ways to engage – it’s just not worth it. I put this down to CKS (crap keyboard syndrome) Even my laptop suffers from this – any serious typing won’t work unless you have a decent keyboard. Laptops (mine’s an Acer Aspire ##something-something-something##) have the magic of a touch pad which, if you accidentally activate it while reaching over in order to type, becomes a dead weight in which you’re constantly fighting with the touch pad’s desire / aspiration to activate the mouse pointer.

In the middle of a word? Activate the mouse pointer, quick, quick, so your typing is shared more equally among open applications.

Anyway, I finally got my old PC up and running following a disastrous move some six months back, and onto the net.

Here’s the proof:

Yippee. Life isn’t prefect but it’s a sight better than faffing about, all clumsy fingers, on my mobile or laptop. All I have to do now is decide whether to backfill all the crap I put out since September 2016

Because I’m like that, here’s a better view of Thomas Lessman’s Eastern Hemisphere, 400 AD.

Eurasia 400 AD, after Thomas Lessman - get it and drool

Eurasia 400 AD,
after Thomas Lessman


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