World leaders congratulate Macron on victory as EU breathes sigh of relief

M Macron

What is Macron’s remit: France or the EU? He’s President of France, has a lot to say about the EU, and as an elitist product of the French system, he’ll be imagining all he can do with his power.
Emmanuel Macron arrives at Downing Street for a visit in February

So let’s see what he can fix in the EU:

• CAP reform? Nope, can’t see him stopping France from grabbing the lion’s share of CAP. However, something outside his power: Brexit will finally put an end to the EU’s (over-) fishery policy.

• Migration crisis? Merkel’s rash promise – on behalf of others as all politicians do – is already made. A constant flow if migrants is still seeping in despite the deal with Turkey to shut the door to the East. The merits of Merkel keeping her trap shut are considerable – yet how can he affect this, he is merely French President.

• Club-Med nation state debt (Greece / Portugal / Italy / Spain)? Dealing with this means either mutualising debt or debt forgiveness. Even if the EU are busy with catchy ‘more EU’ slogans like ‘let’s all do away with the nation state so we can all be happy together’ sorting nation state debt means persuading the German public to cough up; not in Macron’s remit.

• Long-term unemployed in Club-Med countries? Just like Club-Med debt, Macron might hop about and make a noise or two but has the effectualitée of a frog.

Does Macron comprehend the audit issues surrounding EU books? Does he understand audit? Hmm (see also mutualising debt)… the particularities suggest this is above his pay-grade. Perhaps we should look at his remit as French President and thus problems closer to home:

• Communities that don’t integrate…. surprise, surprise the UK is seen being better at this than France… and it’s an issue we’re fed up with, an issue that’s helped drive Brexit.

• How about jobs being exported – leaving pockets of poverty in France? Well Macron is a globalist; he’ll be preaching about how the hidden hand of economic mysteriously gifts jobs. No answers though (apart from ‘tough luck’ for those put out of work). Here we close in on Macron’s credentials which rest on glib words, sound bites and no experience.

07/05/2017 was flag waving day. France is saved, the EU is saved, everything is saved as if by stage pantomime. The réalité is the EU needs to reform. Reform: ugly word implying management and controls. Yet that would-be agent of reform, the UK, will soon have left. Reform is what the UK wanted and reform is what Brussels resisted. What are Macron’s reform credentials? Something to ponder.

Oh and the terrorists are quaking in their boots.

Image result for supporters of macron celebrate

It’s notable that the Guardian (from which the first image is drawn) has love-bombed the result but prevented comments. You can get stuck into their coverage at: World leaders congratulate Macron on victory as EU breathes sigh of relief

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