EU Reveal Negotiating Stance

Attitudes are beginning to harden as the EU lets slip its negotiating stance in Outrage as Spain given effective Veto on future of Gibraltar.


A fisherman holds a Spanish flag during a protest in the bay of Algeciras, near the Rock of Gibraltar

Credit: Daily Telegraph 31/03/17

In the spirit of openness I’m gonna put all my cards on the table and I have a number of demands:

 I demand the return of Aquitaine and Calais.
 On second thoughts they can keep Calais.

That’s cleared the air so here’s my predictions:Next week the EU plans to give Brussels a veto on the internet on the grounds that the internet is international, the EU is international: the matter speaks for itself.

In other developments, it (the EU) is still debating whether to take back those parts of London settled by French emigrées. Residents of Little France, as it’s known, are brushing up on their German, just in case.

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