Tara PT, the original It Girl, could have reinvented herself as an ‘Insta-girl’

Tara PT, the original It Girl, could have reinvented herself as an ‘Insta-girl’


I feel sorry for Tara… it didn’t have to end this way. At the same time Tara’s tale is cautionary.

To live in the bubble of your own success – how attractive. Yet this can also cut you off from normal, day-to-day interaction with people. You are constantly under the microscope. The Telegraph article and the many others like it demonstrate the consequences of fame: they flow on and death is no bar. The paparazzi are responsible for their  own actions yet, as the death of Princess Diana shows, they are quite adept at passing this off as purely a response to public interest. Each tragedy is an opportunity for the major media players to set an example. On the evidence, it’s a case of think hard before letting fame open up your life; from that point every friendship – old or new – will become suspect. Having your actions and motives portrayed in a distorted way will become par.for he course and attempting to set the record straight will expose you further. How much do you value your privacy? 

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