The Final Meeting

20/07/2016 – Cheetham Street Writers

This is from the final meeting of Cheetham Street Writers who are based in Hebden Bridge. It was set up back around 2008 and included Anna Turner who ran the group, and is also published by Bluemoose Books. Since the Boxing Day flooding in Hebden Bridge, the group has struggled to find a venue and this has taken its toll on attendance. I joined the group in late June 2016 and my second meeting was its last. We waited for Anna (and waited, and waited a bit more) eventually we read out and wrote impromptu. Theme: The Final meeting – my contribution:


The Final Meeting

“Look, I’m here under duress. I didn’t want to come.”

“Tough! Now Mr Ridiet, as I was saying, I just want to go through these accounts.”

“I’m not intereste-r-r-r-d

“£400 – flowers ….. £750 – night out at Columbus.”

“He found America!”

“Columbus pole-dancers….. now let me continue. £3,750 – trip to Caribbean ….. £7,500 – Hotel hires ….. £13,750 – a Motorbike.”

“It’s my money. I need a bike if I’m going to ride.”

“This is your Tax-Return. These aren’t allowable expenses for tax, Mr Ridiet. make your payment to the Inland Revenue or your goods are forfeit ….. including your bike. By Monday.”


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