I’m Still Waiting for a Convincing Argument to stay in the EU

I’m still waiting for a convincing argument to stay in. Out wasn’t great before but we were paying for the war and Up North, we were paying a heavy price for Empire (like the destruction of swathes of jobs and their businesses as their owners made subsidised exports of looms – talking of which none of that lot in their Westminster Bubble have a clue about real deprivation). Since then we’ve had shed loads of poverty.
Economic predictions are laughable. The old principle of business as usual will prevail. If something gets in the way, it won’t be business.

The only convincing point is that the establishment are scared stiff of Brexit – it’s hard to avoid concluding that the only value to our membership is political. The French and the Germans have over the centuries been prone to delusions of grandeur – at times we’ve had to pop that bubble. Is this different? all the eggs in one basket?
Swathes of unemployed youth in the Mediterranean —40% to 50% —stinks. The deal with Turkey (already falling apart) to prop up Schengen could well bite back hard.
eg Migrants -> Naturalised Turks -> free travel.
Nothing against migrants
but civilisation = ordered society
There is nothing orderly about Schengen
If the argument is fear we (they) should be honest. The collapse of the EU.
Empires are good for bureaucrats. This one also provides a Second Life for failed / early retiree politicians. I get that.
If you see bile, it’s been honestly earned with toil, sweat and tears – no silver spoons for the working classes.

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