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Getting back on track

I’m finally getting back on track with my latest fictional foray (Dragonshard) into outer space. It’s a look at what lies between the stars and in this case, I’ve come up with an SF-Horror take. I’d hoped to be able to get this into a quarterly competition run by Galaxypress but this is no longer doable. It was started not long after I’d got to first draft on The Tau Device

Creative Writers Group on My Telegraph

On the subject of competitions, the future of the monthly one, run by the Creative Writers Group on My Telegraph (CWG) could be iffy. It’s hosted (for free) on the blogging platform of The Daily Telegraph (DT) – a major UK based paper. I first got involved with CWG back in 2009 when I was looking for online writing groups. Back then the DT was the only major newspaper with a blogging platform where as well as blog you could join one of several groups. The writing group was in the doldrums but with some TLC and lots of hard work it has gone from strength to strength. Recently the DT announced changes to its online presence as a result of which commenting will be disabled. This affects commenting on news articles – which will no longer be possible. Will this affect CWG? Well CWG also uses that commenting technology (Disqus) – there’s a dependency. Will the DT still put resource into a technology they no longer use on the main site?

Those I’ve asked either don’t answer or aren’t aware what’s going on. The platform is free at point of use which means that members of CWG have little leverage, they need to think this through. I’ve 100+ blog posts spreading over the past 6 years. I’d prefer not to lose them entirely, but migrate? not sure.

[edit 01/04/2016]

The Groups on this site (History, Finance, Ex-Pat, etc) are now filling up with spam topics.

Gazoopi has posted a blog on this at: My T CommunityMy take on this is the site is falling apart. I’ve also left comments on Bleda’s topic A Final Call. I’ve no idea how long things will hold together. Over a year back I set up a communal blog on WordPress in case of such eventuality. It’s called CWGonWordpress. I’d rather not run it – more on that to come. I don’t think there’s much time. 

  • My Telegraph’s use of web stuff (obvious things are disqus and wordpress) will be done under some kind of license arrangement = £/s/d
  • The servers hosting our execramentum will be hired = £/s/d
  • Protection from Spambot / Net-trash also = £/s/d
  • Add in something like broader web-pipes to ease spammage / adbot / viral junk congestion (ok call it bandwidth – I like just like fancy words)

We don’t know when these contracts will expire – one view might be they are renewed annually; another could be that we will remain like a bunch of rusty wires in a forgotten part of DTweb because the DT have an in-perpetuity arrangement. An accountant would ensure the contracts powering My Telegraph were standalone, to make switch-off clean. Looking at it another way, when it’s all added together, you have a nice little pot of dosh for an aspiring DT Accountant to earn his / her next career-progressing achievement. The question is do we want our community to stick around? The membership tally is 20k of which fewer than 1% are active.

After you’ve got to First Draft

Last night I was at CIMA’s Manufacturing Group – we’re accountants with an interest in promoting industry – from a management accounting perspective. I got to the meeting early so I decided to recap the steps that I followed since getting my latest novel to first draft.

  1. Draft
  2. Copy edit
  3. Sequence in dealing with changes (Track Changes on Word)
    1. write additional scenes
    2. minor edits
    4. merge scenes
  4. final edit feedback
  5. Formatting (POD, Kindle)
  6. Publish

There was a good deal of dead time in that sequence of events – the process took 4 months. It could arguably be squeezed down to 2.

We talked business and accounting as you do. 


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