EU Security (or David Petraeus knows best)

The relentless machine of rent-a-quote trundles on and, in the light of the Brussels atrocity, the debate on Brexit has now been drawn to one of security. A former head of the US intelligence services and highly respected, former member of US military, has added his thoughts in…

Don’t leave the EU: Ex-CIA head says Brexit would make the whole West weaker in fight against terror

…ignoring the fact that this decision is nothing to do the ex-head of the CIA. Is this another case of: trust in Cameron ‘cos Nanny Knows Best? I’ve a lot of respect for David Petraeus, the General but what does he actually mean?

one of the most important institutions that undergirds Western strength

is just blather. The European Union is a poorly managed vanity project, anyone who reads the auditors annual report ought to pick up on things like

  • estimated error rate – their guess on the level of irregular payments – about 5% on €150Bn of annual spend
  • error prone expenditure, and
  • payments ‘materially affected by error’.

In context, the auditors report is a round up on how much has been spent on a quasi super-state building program (a comment that would have been ridiculed years back).

Does this mean David Petraeus is supporting a souped-up version of Europe? It’s worth pointing out that the EU doesn’t actually work. Youth unemployment in Greece reached 60% a couple of years back and it’s not an isolated example. Its economy, like others, is struggling under debt, the Euro is a basket case. As far as an EU military goes, it projected a compelling level of incompetence in the breakup of Yugoslavia, giving free reign to the carnage that developed. It took the US to sort things out. 100 years ago, many European nations had an effective military. It’s worth dwelling on the fact that wars still happen and the EU is a sitting duck. Its security is a joke – Petraeus obviously knows this.
As is reported elsewhere, the EU is leaky and insecure. Our security sharing arrangements with Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US shields us for now. I expect continued EU membership to eventually exclude us from those arrangements, just as it has reduced our Commonwealth trade.

So what is David Petraeus thinking? I would be amazed if he didn’t accept the notion that a dysfunctional Europe is an easier proposition for the US in the global scheme of power and influence – not something he would say in public though.

EU security is, of course, a red herring. When we voted to join the Common Market, we didn’t vote to lose our freedoms, we voted to trade more with six other countries. Over the years, our politicians have frittered UK power on things they had no mandate for. It’s bizarre actually, our freedom to choose was given away behind our backs and here we are now discussing what’s right for the EU and how good it will be to project influence through the EU. It’s time we looked more closely at what lies behind these arguments.


I am still promoting this book. Among other things it looks at politics and the projection of military power… just not here on Earth.

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